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Even if Timo was a bit clueless still about a lot of things in the game, he did his best anyhow. He couldn’t help but peek at his boyfriend’s laptop screen, envying the elven mage on the screen who looked very powerful in his much more fancy-lookinh gear, while his little tauren hunter ran around in his more simple-looking gear, whacking at little creatures that were walking about the green areas of Mulgore while his boyfriend’s character fought dangerous bosses (usually while he was watching TV such as ice-hockey). And ‘oh-pee warriors!’.

However, he had to thank his boyfriend for the gold, bags and letters already, even if he hadn’t reached a mailbox yet. He gave them a sweet smile that was so very endearing and planted a kiss at their cheek. “Kiitos, kulta.”, he said in finnish, before he did a pause and scanning them with his eyes before he kissed their lips playfully, tasting the Saku beer from before and licking his lips a bit at the flavour. Then he focused back on the game. For a while he played through the starter levels, listening to any advice he was given and quickly learning that ranged was the best, not melee, and naming his pet ostrich-like bird ‘Eduard’, which probably wasn’t too appreciated by his beloved sitting next to him, even if he personally found it cute. “Ah, Edi… those ‘kodos’?”, he suddenly spoke up, wondering. “When do I get to ride one of those? My character feels very slow, and they look very cute too… What mount do you ride?”

Giving his boyfriend a bit of an awkward smile after receiving a grateful kiss to his cheek, he summoned one of the most rare mounts available in the game; the Ashes of Al’ar, to make others envy him while he went on a quest to find his boyfriend ingame and simply walk along while he leveled for now, not quite feeling like going on a raid with his guild. As it took a while to travel, he looked up as Timo questioned him about a mount at this time, offering him a new smile. “That would be at level 20, Soome. You can buy a mount then, which will make traveling a bit faster for you. And, ah, look,” he murmured, turning his laptop a bit for the Finn to see. “It’s one of the rarest mounts available in the game! It took me quite some time to get it, but it was definitely worth it,” he spoke, sounding rather excited about that very fact, his nerdy nature only showing more at this point. “I’ve got a lot of other pets, of course. But this one is most certainly my most prized one.”

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Estonia’s teaching Programming to first graders.

Which means the average Estonian 10 year old will know more about how a computer works that the average 18 year old British I.T A Level taking student. 

That’s depressing, but good on Estonia. 

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